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The Chronicle of Higher Education

Library Instruction for Classes

Empowering students through instruction is one of the primary missions of our library. Librarians are available to assist in the planning of research assignments or provide library research instruction for class(es).

McNairy Library Classroom 104A & 104B Reservation Policy 

McNairy Library welcomes Millersville faculty members who might benefit from the unique active learning capabilities of the classroom to utilize the instructional space during the first and last weeks of the semester.

Subject Librarians

Request a Proxy Patron

Faculty members can give students permission to check items out in that faculty members name. To do this, email with the student(s) name, M-number, and the semester you would like to give them permission for. If an end date is not given, the proxy will expire at the end of the semester permission is granted. Faculty can also provide a letter to the Circulation Desk.