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Millersville History

Finding Millersville History Resources

  • Frantz Family Letters
    Correspondence of the Lancaster Frantz family, including letters from Letitia while a student at the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
  • Millersville Alumni Publications, 1904-1959
    Millersville Alumni Publications include several titles used for publications sent out to alumni from 1904 through 1959, including the Normal Journal and the College Journal. Issues were published four times a year with one of the issues being the Millersville course catalog.
  • Millersville Course Catalogs, 1855-2000
    Course catalogs were published from the first year of the Normal School in 1855. Catalogs include information on courses of study, faculty and administration, students. Lists of alumni (in the early years), information about campus buildings and features, student organizations, and rules for student behavior add to descriptions of courses and programs.
  • Millersville Normal Journal, 1888-1904
    A publication for alumni and educators in the region, the Normal Journal was "designed to afford a means of communication between Millersville State Normal School and the educational public." The Normal Journal contains regular columns by MSNS faculty members, updates on student organizations such as the Literary Societies, and information about alumni.
  • Millersville Normal Monthly, 1873-1876
    An educational outreach publication from Millersville State Normal School to educators in the region. The Normal Monthly contains information on the nature of Normal School education, tips and lesson plans for teachers, and information about life on campus.
  • Millersville Oral History Project
    The Millersville Oral History Digital archive continues to grow as new oral histories are collected with members of the university and the Lancaster community. This collection includes transcripts and audio of oral history interviews.
  • Millersville Snapper, 1925-1992
    The Millersville student newspaper, The Snapper, began publishing in 1925. The publication began as "The Tipster" in 1923 before changing its name to The Snapper two years later.
  • Millersville Snapper, 1993-2005
    The collection continues the student newspaper, The Snapper, from 1993-2005.
  • Millersville Yearbooks, 1899-2012
    View Millersville's comprehensive collection of student yearbooks dating back to the year 1899.
  • Sallie Bolton Letters Collection
    Sallie Bolton was a student and then faculty member at Millersville from 1855-1857. This collection includes letters written home to her mother and aunt, as well as an autograph album signed by students, faculty, administrators and friends.

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